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Plotting Process Variables

Stepwise Instructions:

(1) Find the PV (Process Variable) names to be plotted on the X-Y axes, and the PV Groups they belong to.
Note that the PVs "Time" and "TimeOfDay" are included in all PV data groups.
The PV names belonging to the ME/Water systems, and their data groups can be found on the page

       ME/Water Process Variables Page

(2) To start plotting, open the MonitorDataReview window on xterm

       OAGapps -> Data logger review -> Monitor data review (SHOW ME)

(3) Select the data group for the PVs. Only one group can be selected. (SHOW ME)

(4) Input starting and ending date/time; this is the interval for which data are going to be retrieved.

(5) Click the "quickSDDSplot" button at the bottom. A new "quickSDDSplot" window will open. (SHOW ME)

(6) Select plotting preferences in the "quickSDDSplot" window. (SHOW ME)

(7) Click "SCAN FILE(s)" button near the bottom. Two windows will open; one for the  X-variable and the other for Y-variables. (SHOW ME)

(8) Scroll the x-choices window, highlight one PV, click on the"Accept" button and then on "Close." (SHOW ME)

(9) Scroll the y-choices window, highlight a PV, click on the "Accept" button.
Repeat highlighting and Accept to add more PVs.
Click on "Close" button. (SHOW ME)

(10) On the "quickSDDSplot" window, click on the "PLOT" button. The graph is shown in a new window. (SHOW ME)