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Past Meetings

Date BL ICMS Doc.
01/06/11 1-ID APS_1418122
11/11/10 2-ID-A APS_1418413
11/11/10 2-ID-B APS_1418423
01/20/11 4-ID APS_1418124
02/17/11 5-BM APS_1418125
03/03/11 6-ID APS_1422412
04/21/11 7-ID-A APS_1422413
04/21/11 7-ID-B APS_1422434
12/09/10 8-ID APS_1418126
06/02/11 9-ID APS_1422414
03/03/11 20-ID APS_1418864
11/11/11 21-ID-A APS_1418413
11/11/11 21-ID-B APS_1418123
06/23/11 23-ID APS_1422415



AES-MED Biweekly Luncheon with Beamline Scientists and Engineers

MED Group Biweekly Beamline Engineering Meeting with Beamline Leaders


In 2010, the APS Mechanical Engineering and Design (MED) Group began a series of biweekly luncheon meetings with lead scientists and engineers of each APS Sector for an informal discussion of the beamline engineering and instrumentation needs both current and future, including upgrade plans.

These meetings also provides a unique opportunity for the MED staff to become familiar with the scientific mission of each beamline and for the beamline personnel to better appreciates MED Group's capabilities and interests.

Topics for discussion includes beamline systems and components including issues such as cooling, vibration, polishing, coating, mirrors, monochromators, shutters, slits, beam stops, sample holders, masks, filters, windows, positioners, etc.

To maintain the informal nature of these meetings and encourage dialog, beamline personnel were requested to limit their presentations to a few viewgraphs. These presentations are linked in the table to the left on this page.

Based on these discussions, and in consultation with the beamline personnel, a summary list of instruments, services, and improvements desired is prepared by the beamline Liaison Engineer. These lists are collectively analyzed by the MED Group to discern common needs among various beamlines to economize our resources for optimal service to the beamlines including streamlining services and standardizing designs and systems when possible.

For questions or comments regarding this series, please contact the organizer, Dr. Ali Khounsary at 630-252-3384.