Information Solutions: Configuring Dreamweaver for Windows

If you have Dreamweaver 6, please contact the APS Webmaster for assistance.

The following instructions will show you how to import the APS site configuration file into Dreamweaver. To use this configuration file, you will need to have an account on

  1. Go to your Desktop or Start menu and open My Computer.
    My Computer
  2. Look under the Network Drives section.
    If you have any references to shares on \\epics or \\epics2, right-click on these drives and select Disconnect.
    Disconnect mapped drive
  3. Click Tools, then click Map Network Drive to create a network drive for the new location of the development webserver, \\Epics/Public2.
    Enter \\Epics\Public2 into the Folder section. You can use the defaults for the other options.
    Create mapped drive
  4. Open Dreamweaver, and then select Site > Manage Sites.
    Manage Sites
  5. If you have a Dreamweaver site defined for APS you will want to remove it. To do this select APS and then click the Remove button.
    Remove an old APS site
  6. Then confirm the removal of the old APS site.
    Confirm removal
  7. Now you will want to import the latest APS Dreamweaver site configurations. Click the Import button.
  8. Go to the network drive for \\Epics\Public2 and select APS.ste and then click Open.
    Site selection
  9. You may be asked to recreate the site cache - click OK to proceed. Note that this may take a long time, depending upon your computer's speed. You can choose to stop the process if you prefer, but some Dreamweaver functionality may not work until the cache is built.

    Click Done to finish!