Information Solutions: Configuring Dreamweaver for Macintosh

If you have Dreamweaver 6, please contact the APS Webmaster for assistance.

The following instructions will show you how to import the APS site configuration file into Dreamweaver. To use this configuration file, you will need to have an account on

  1. Click on your desktop. From the toolbar, select Go > Connect to Server.
    Go menu
  2. Add the APS production web server.
    In the server address box type smb://, and then click the +.
  3. Add the APS development web server.
    In the server address box type smb://, and then click the +.
  4. Select a connection and click the Connect button. Repeat this process for the other connection.
    (You will have to select Go > Connect to Server again.)
    Connect to Server
    You will now have two volumes mounted on your desktop, PUBLIC and PUBLIC2.
  5. Open Dreamweaver, and then select Site > Manage Sites
    Manage Sites
  6. If you have an old Dreamweaver site defined for APS, you should remove it. To do this select APS and then click the Remove button.
    Remove site
  7. Then confirm the removal of the old APS Dreamweaver site.
    Confirm site removal
  8. Now import the latest APS Dreamweaver site configuration for Macintosh. Click the Import button.
    Import site
  9. Browse to PUBLIC2 and select APS_Mac.ste. Click Open.
    Import site
  10. Click Done. You are now finished configuring Dreamweaver!
    Remember: always connect to Public and Public2 (as in step 4) prior to opening Dreamweaver for web editing.